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Market Update: Precious Metals React to Latest Employment Data

The latest employment data certainly did not disappoint, sending waves through the financial sector, with a staggering rise of 311,000 compared to the expected 225,000. However, this impressive figure has been accompanied by a surprise increase in U.S. unemployment rates from 3.4% to 3.6%. This raises questions about the true state of the labor market, and investors are right to be wary.

As we highlighted earlier this week, the precious metals markets have been flirting with the $1,815 level, waiting for the right catalyst to spur a reversal. Today, that catalyst arrived in the form of risk aversion and increased safe haven demand, with gold surging 1.62% to $1864.70 and silver climbing 2.53% to $20.64. Against the backdrop of uncertainty and volatility in the financial sector, precious metals are once again demonstrating their value as a reliable store of wealth and a hedge against market turbulence. This is further supported by the downward shift in 2Y Treasury yield, which is down 45bps, which is the biggest 2-day drop since September 2008.

With the situation at SVB Financial and the ongoing concerns about the labor market, it’s clear that investors need to remain vigilant and stay alert to the risks posed by a rapidly changing global economy. Technically, the gold futures bulls and bears are now back on a level playing field, with both sides vying for control over the near-term outlook.

Bulls aim to close April futures above the strong resistance at $1,875.00, while bears seek to push prices below the solid technical support at $1,800.00. Currently, the first resistance level is at $1,850.00, followed by the March high of $1,864.40 (gold peaked at 1868.60 today). On the downside, the initial support is at the overnight low of $1,830.00, then at $1,825.00.

In terms of silver, the market sentiment is still bearish in the short-term. Prices have been steadily declining over the past five weeks. The silver bulls are aiming to push the May futures prices above the robust technical resistance level of $21.50. On the other hand, the bears are looking to drive the prices below the strong support level of $19.00. Currently, the initial resistance level is noted at $20.505 and then at $21.00 (Silver peaked at 20.90 today). In contrast, the next support is observed at the overnight low of $19.945, followed by $19.50.

Against the backdrop of heightened market uncertainty and rising risk aversion, precious metals remain a critical safe haven asset for investors looking to protect their wealth and mitigate risk. With the technical suggesting that both gold and silver are poised for further gains, savvy investors will be keeping a close eye on these markets and positioning themselves accordingly. Stay alert, stay informed, and stay ahead of the curve in these turbulent times.

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