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How should I care for my precious metals in 2022?

As the holidays approach, it is a great time to reflect on how we maintain important aspects of our health and lives and give thanks for all our blessings. In the same vein, it is important when receiving precious metals to understand how to care for the product. Using the appropriate methods can help to maintain the value of your asset.

Upon arrival, handling the coin with care will help to preserve the condition. Before holding the product, it is recommended to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. Only handle the product when it is necessary to do so. For collectible products, it can also help to hold the coin or bar by its edges, so as to not get fingerprints on the obverse or reverse. If available, use lint-free cotton gloves to handle the asset to avoid fingerprints.

Another helpful tip is to prepare a cleaned area for you to place the asset. A piece of cloth or towel can help to reduce unnecessary contact with dirty surfaces. A soft texture can also help to reduce any damage if the commodity is accidentally dropped.

When handling different metals, it is also smart to keep the products separate and clean your hands when switching between products. This will ensure no dirt from one metal can tarnish the other metal. Avoid breathing over the products to keep damaging moisture away from the assets.

Many people believe cleaning a precious metal product can add value to it. This is a large misconception. Cleaning a coin can damage the coin and lower its value. Many collectors would rather have an original product with some blemishes than an incorrectly cleaned product.

If cleaning your asset is necessary, it is suggested to only clean the most superficial layer of the product. This will help to keep the precious metal fully intact. Only use mild soap and water. Specialized polishers can corrode the metal. Once washed, pat dry with a soft towel, being careful not to scrub, as this can scratch the surface. Dry completely before returning the product to storage.

Storage is also a very important aspect of caring for your metals. Store your metals in a cool, dry place. The best containers for precious metals are airtight and natural to prevent any moisture from getting in and to keep corrosive elements away from your assets. Just as with handling, it is essential to separate tarnished metals from untarnished metals to prevent cross-contamination. By following all of these steps, you will be able to care for your products to ensure quality and value remains.

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