What is Gold Club Direct?


GoldClub Direct is a membership precious metals retailer club, striving to bring our members the lowest possible prices on authentic and brand-recognized precious metals and associated merchandise.  While we do not have a physical storefront, GoldClub Direct provides a diverse selection of products along with the convenience of fast shipping and GoldClub member-exclusive services.  Our goal is to make the shopping and buying experience as pleasurable as possible.  Instead of bombarding potential customers and club members with a dizzying amount of product and information, our simple philosophy is to keep costs down and pass the savings on to our club members.  With a growing membership base, unmatched buying power, industry-leading partnerships, and our continued goal of efficiency, we promise the best possible prices for our club members.  Additionally, GoldClub Direct has secured industry titans as partners in inventory control and fulfillment.  While we are a relatively new online presence, our team combines for over 100 years worth of experience.

GoldClub Direct is committed to quality.  Our product managers ensure that we carefully select products based on brand, price, features, and most importantly, quality.  As a result, GoldClub Direct’s warehouses carry fewer products or SKUs (stock keeping units), compared to the 50,000+ found at most retailers.  From every level of the Staff at GoldClub Direct, be it the management team or warehouse floor staff, the entire team is driven by the goal to constantly exceed club member expectations.