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Sunshine Mint


Sunshine Minting, or Sunshine Mint, is a private Idaho-based mint specializing in custom minting, blanks, and silver and gold bullion since 1979. Sunshine Mint also manufactures products using other precious metals, base metals such as copper or bronze, as well as a combination of metals. Customers of Sunshine Minting include governments (primary supplier of silver blanks to the US Mint), financial institutions, corporations, and more. The minting process can achieve brilliant uncirculated, proof-like, or proof quality.

Sunshine Mint produces bullion ranging in size from 1 gram to 100 oz. It is well-recognized in the industry and traded worldwide. Since it is a private mint, many of its products have lower premiums than sovereign mints. This allows investors to add precious metals to their portfolio at a lower price. GoldClub Direct is one of Sunshine Mint’s exclusive distributors. Sunshine Mint’s 10 oz Silver Bar is well known for its craftsmanship, design, and security. Look to add this product to your collection today. 

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