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South African Mint


The South African Mint is responsible for minting and distributing all of the South African coinage. The Mint was founded by President Paul Kruger in 1886 after finding gold near Johannesburg. In 1962, South Africa broke apart from the British Commonwealth. By the 1980s, the government began to deregulate state activities, including the South African Mint. In 1989, the South African Reserve Bank gained full control of the mint. The South African Mint produces coins for domestic and international markets. The mint’s state-of-the-art technology allows them to produce circulation coins for many countries around Africa and the world. 

Along with the production of circulation coins, the South African Mint creates industry-leading bullion and collectible coins. The South African Mint was the first sovereign mint in the world to create a bullion coin program, known as the Krugerrand. After its initial release in 1967, the gold Krugerrand was able to obtain around 90% of the gold bullion coin market. As other countries began minting bullion coins, their market share decreased, but the Krugerrand remained one of the most traded bullion coins on the market. In 2017, the first silver version of the Krugerrand was released. Shop our assortment of South African bullion products here.

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