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Royal Canadian Mint


The Royal Canadian Mint produces circulating coinage and collectibles for Canada. Other services the mint offers include international minting, refining, storage, and bullion production. The Royal Canadian Mint’s bullion is recognized as innovative and well-made by individuals and precious metals dealers worldwide. The mint dates back to 1908, and now has facilities in Ottawa, Ontario, and Winnipeg, Manitoba. The mint is owned solely by the Government of Canada and is mandated by the Royal Canadian Mint Act to assist in any of the government’s needs related to coinage.

The Royal Canadian mint touts its bullion as “the most secure bullion coins in the world.” Many investors agree with this statement. This has led gold and silver Maple Leaf coins, their flagship program, to become a highly sought-after investment. The Maple Leaf series has grown to include platinum and palladium coins as well. Find our entire list of Canadian products here.


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