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Mexican Mint


The Mexican Mint, also known as La Casa de Moneda de Mexico, was established as a resource to manufacture coins after large deposits of precious metals were found throughout the Americas. The modern version of the Mexican Mint has its roots tied back to 1535 on a decree from the Spanish crown. After gaining independence in 1821, the mint continued to produce coins using the old Spanish traditions. In 1925, the Banco de Mexico, the central bank of Mexico, opened its doors and took control of the Mexican Mint. Today, the mint is located in San Luis Potosi and is responsible for printing banknotes and minting circulating coins. 

The Mexican Mint also produces bullion coins and bars that are traded throughout the world. With Mexico’s long history of minting coins, many stunning silver and gold coins have been produced. Arguably one of the most popular coins minted is the Centenario gold coin, also known as the 50 peso gold coin. This coin was produced to commemorate 100 years of Mexican Independence from Spanish rule. Other popular bullion products include the Libertad, which is produced in silver or gold varieties.

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