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JBR Recovery


JBR Recovery Ltd is a precious metals refinery located in the market town of West Bromwich. JBR offers responsibly sourced and recycled products thanks to their advanced machinery and skilled employees that are able to target secondary and waste metals. One of JBR largest sources of waste is from the photography industry, the largest industrial user of silver. The silver recovery process uses a pyrometallurgical smelting operation. Combustible products containing silver are incinerated in a controlled environment and are then mixed with other silver-bearing materials. The resulting mix is again combined with lead and fluxes before being put into a shaft furnace to create an alloy with a silver purity of about 50%. The alloy is refined further to remove the lead and is then put through a chemical process to achieve a purity of 99.9%+(Good Delivery standards).

JBR is one of two UK companies that deliver silver to the London Bullion Market in the form of “Good Delivery” bars. For investors looking to invest in bullion silver, JBR offers products that few other mints or refineries can. All JBR products adhere to strict standards to ensure high purity and a great quality bar. GoldClub Direct offers JBR silver bars in 10 oz, 100 oz, or 1-kilo weights. Expand your investment portfolio with JBR products from GoldClub Direct by clicking here.


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