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Chinese Mints


The Chinese Mint is owned by the People’s Republic of China. The Chinese Mint produces circulating currency for the country. The mint also distributes precious metal bullion coins through its official distributors, such as the China Gold Coin Incorporation (CGCI). CGCI was established in 1987 to design, manufacture, and market precious metal products for China and the rest of the world. The Chinese Mint is separate from The Central Mint of China, which is a subsidiary company of the Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The Central Mint produces circulating coins for Taiwan, along with commemorative coins and metals for Taiwanese businesses.

The Chinese Mint’s most popular coin program is the Chinese Panda. The coin features the Temple of Heaven on the obverse. Each year a new design of a panda is created for the reverse, making every coin unique. The Chinese Gold Panda was released in 1982 and the Silver Panda was released in 1983, making the series one of the longest-lasting bullion programs. Chinese bullion products make a great addition to any portfolio.

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