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Austrian Mint


The origins of the Austrian Mint date back to 1194, when a mint was established after the Austrians received a 35-ton silver ransom from England for the safe return of Richard the Lionheart. The mint moved throughout Vienna multiple times until it found its final home in AM Heumarkt in 1837. In 1989, it separated from the Ministry of Finance to become a public company owned by the Austrian National Bank. Their long history has made the Austrian Mint an expert in creating beautiful bullion coins. 

In addition to minting circulating coins for centuries, the Austrian Mint has also been producing gold coins going back to the first gold Gulden in the 14th century. This history of producing gold coins led to the success of the Austrian Philharmonic coin series. The Philharmonic is produced in gold, silver, and platinum varieties. The design portrays an important part of Austria’s culture. These coins are well-known for their craftsmanship and quality, making them a great addition to any investor’s collection. 

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