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Valcambi Mint


Valcambi Mint is one of the world’s most recognized private mints. Headquartered in Balerna, Switzerland, Valcambi is one of the world’s largest integrated precious metal plants, with quality services in refining, assaying, manufacturing, transportation, and storage. Valcambi was founded by a group of private Swiss investors in 1961, originally known as Valori & Cambi. In 1968, Valcambi was purchased by Credit Suisse, Switzerland’s largest private bank. In 2003, the entirety of Valcambi was sold to European Gold Refineries. In 2017, European Gold Refineries was absorbed by Global Gold Refineries, Valcambi’s current parent company. 

Valcambi has become one of the most technologically advanced mints, offering innovative products not found at any other mints. One of their most popular products includes the CombiBar. The CombiBar is a precious metal bar that can be broken down into smaller denominations using its perforated edges. For example, a 50-gram gold CombiBar is one large 50-gram bar that could be broken down into 50 1-gram bars. This offers great flexibility to investors looking for a versatile asset. If you are looking to add a Valcambi product to your collection, find GoldClub Direct’s wide selection here.

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