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How much gold and silver are in a cell phone or computer?


You might have heard that your electronic devices have gold and silver.  

How much is there truly? 

There are many metals in electronics, up to 60 in a common cell phone.  Each metal has different traits and can serve a different purpose inside electronics. Gold and silver are great conductors of electricity. Gold doesn’t corrode, which ensures a long-lasting connection. 

There is about 1/40th of a gram of gold ($1.41) in a cell phone and 1/5th of a gram of gold ($11.30) in a computer. Smaller laptops might contain less gold. 

Conversely, there is about 5/16th of a gram of silver (20 cents) in a cell phone and 7/20th (22 cents) of a gram in a computer. This is part of the reason why electronic recycling is important and why some companies will offer you a lot for your used devices.

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