What is a Troy Ounce?

A troy ounce is the standard weight measurement for precious metals.  A Troy Ounce weights 31.104 grams.

How do I know if an Item is in stock?

Product availability at GoldClub Direct is divided into three categories: out-of-stock, in-stock, and preorder. You cannot order out-of-stock products. In-stock products are available for purchase and ship once payment has cleared. Products in-stock for preorder are also available to be ordered but will not be eligible to ship until the preorder date. Preordered products will display an estimated inventory availability date to indicate when the product will ship. These prices will be locked in at the time of ordering. For customers wanting to get their products as quickly as possible, GoldClub Direct recommends creating separate orders for in-stock and preorder items. These products will ship separately, allowing the customer to receive the in-stock product immediately.

How do I open an account with GoldClub Direct?

To open an account with GoldClub Direct, go to the home page. In the top right-hand corner, there is a button that says register. Click that button and follow the given instructions. You can also click here to create a new account.
There is also an easy option to create an account through the checkout process when placing your first order. You can also place an order as a guest.

Is my financial and personal information secure?

Yes, your financial and personal information is secure. No information will be sold or rented to third parties. GoldClub Direct employs industry-standard security measures to protect your information. However, the internet is not always completely secure. Transmission of personal information is always a risk. Be sure to keep your passwords confidential and do not share information with anyone.

Can I change my order after it has been placed?

Orders cannot be changed once they have been made, however, they can be canceled at no charge if you would like to place another order. You must place a new order if you wish to add products.

How are the prices of products determined?

Prices for the products on GoldClub Direct are determined by the spot price along with a premium. The spot prices for precious metals change throughout the day, and so do the prices for our product. The precious metals industry is a low-margin industry, so the prices of our products must stay updated with the market conditions. The premiums are in place for other costs and vary from product to product. These costs include shipping, handling, minting/design process, etc. The premium also accounts for the rarity and collectability of specific products, with a higher premium on products that are more sought after. We try to keep our selling price as close as possible to the cost we paid to provide customers with the lowest possible prices.

How do I pay with Bitcoin

You can place an order using Bitcoin by adding your desired products to your cart. Follow the checkout process once you’re ready. As part of the checkout process, choose Bitcoin under the Payment tab. The pricing will be adjusted to reflect the 3% bank wire discount. Once this is complete, you will be directed to bitpays’ payment processing page. You will then have 15 minutes to initiate payment through your preferred crypto wallet. Once verified, you will be redirected to a confirmation page. A confirmation email will also be delivered to your inbox with further instructions.