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Advertising Techniques in the Precious Metals Industry: 2022


Television advertisements for gold and silver coins are a prevalent way for some companies to sell their products. The advertisements usually tout the coin as being a one-of-a-kind, unique, well-priced product that every investor needs to add to their collection. Are these advertisements ripping people off? Most of the time the answer is yes. 

While not every company selling coins through tv ads is trying to overprice their products, many television ads for precious metal products tend to be vague with the product they are selling. Sometimes the product will have less precious metal content than other similar products, such as a plated coin where only the outermost layer contains the precious metal. Other coins sold through advertisements might also be exhibited as a “collector’s coin,” but there is nothing about the coin to make it “collectible.” Other common tactics include heavily overpricing coins, giving a “large” discount, or a buy one get one free coupon. An example of a common ad would be a 1-ounce gold coin that sells for around $2,000 will be advertised for $2,500, a very large markup. The precious metals industry is a very low-margin industry, so any time you see products with “insane” deals, be wary that it could be a scam. All of these methods are used by companies to make a higher margin. They will sell these products vastly higher than their true value. 

These companies continue to advertise because people continue to buy. To find out whether the coins are a scam, people need to do their research and read the fine print associated with the products. Sometimes the scam can be hard to see, which is why you need to make sure you are making the right decision before purchasing. Ads are worded in a specific way to make potential customers feel like they need to buy the product. These companies are marketing companies that deceptively advertise coins at an unfair price point. People need to be cognizant of this to make sure they are buying from a reputable source in the precious metals industry. 

If you decide to call the number on the tv ad, a skilled salesperson will answer that phone to try and persuade you to buy. This is the hard part for many potential customers because it can be hard for people to say no. Each salesperson goes through hours of training to be able to keep you on the phone and not let you hang up. The longer you are on the phone with them, the higher the chance you end up buying something. Many of their techniques can be seen as unethical as they can extremely upsell products, which is why it is important for customers to be informed about what they are trying to buy. Like any investment, the products you buy through tv ads are not guaranteed to increase in value. There are endless tricks a salesperson might use, which is why it is always better to buy products through a reputable dealer.

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